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Stud Number: D/WD 896
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Breeding resilient and adaptable sheep for harsh conditions.
Low intensity - high returns.
Why Do We Prefer Dorpers and White Dorpers?
​Dorpers and White Dorpers share similar characteristics.  They were developed in South Africa in the 1930's by crossing a Dorset Horn with Blackhead Persian ewes.  The breeds were introduced into Australia in 1996.
These sheep are fast developers and have rapid growth rates, producing a high quality carcass with excellent fat distribution.  ​​
​These hardy sheep thrive under extensive conditions, flourishing on even low quality vegetation and are non-selective browsers.  This offers graziers on low rainfall areas and low feed conditions an economical solution to extend or diversify their enterprise, producing profitable returns of top quality meat.
Mature rams can weigh as much as 90-120kg and ewes 50-80kg, while lambs can reach a wean weight of 40kg. 
​ Lamb at 2 months weighing 27 Kg
Dorpers are a low maintenance sheep which does not require shearing or crutching as they shed their cover. 
They are a resilient and adaptable breed and have a high resistance to disease. 

They have the ability to breed 3 times in 2 years and are renowned for their fertility. Multiple births are common and the ewes are high milk producers, ensuring a good start and fast growth rate for their lambs.  They are strongly protective of their young and fiercely fend off predators. 

​It is little surprise then, that the Dorper and White Dorper continues to grow in popularity across Australia as people recognise their profitability and numerous qualities in the various climatic and grazing conditions of this country.

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